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Afternoon Cityspace Shoot

This is how to shoot in the afternoon with the smooth water reflection. The location we take today is The Rock, Circular Quay, Sydney with the icon of Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Don't forget bring full cover jacket the weather can't prediction in this winter.


1. Camera (Canon 5D Mark III with EF 24-70mm f2.8L is II USM)

2. Tripod (Manfrotto Befree)

3. ND Filter (Hoya ND32)

The ND32 is a dark neutral density filter with a filter factor of 32, meaning there is 5-stop light loss. This is a great filter for slowing down shutter speeds to capture motion. An example: In daylight, maybe the slowest shutter speed possible without a filter could be 1/60 sec at F/22 By adding the HOYA PRO1 ND 32, a shutter speed of 1/2 sec would be possible.

Some of Sample photo of Hoya ND32 Filter.

The Opera House, shooter 5s f/22 iso 50

The Opera House, Shooter 8s, f/22 iso 50

The Rock Bar, Shooter 10s, f/22 iso 50

Park Hyatt Sydney with the Sydney harbour Bridge,Shooter 10s, f/22 iso 50

Under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Shooter 10s, f/22 iso 50

The Rock Pathway Fence, Shooter 30, f/22 iso 50

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Shooter 25, f/22 iso 50

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