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Light painting at Yarra Bay Beach

Last weekend, I had an incredible experience with some friends at Yarra Bay Beach. We gathered for a night of light painting photography, and the results were stunning.

With the support of Djuanda and his lighting kit, we were able to create beautiful images using flash and other light sources. The model added an extra dimension to the photos, and we had a great time experimenting with different poses and techniques.

As the night progressed, we became more adventurous with our light painting, using glow sticks and LED lights to create unique patterns and shapes in the darkness. The quiet and serene atmosphere of Yarra Bay Beach added to the magical feeling of the evening, and we were all in awe of the final images we created.

The shutter a seconds after the flash fire

The shutter a second before the flash fire.

Exif: 3.2s, f7.1, iso100 at 135mm

Overall, it was a night to remember, filled with laughter, creativity, and stunning photography. I highly recommend trying light painting photography at Yarra Bay Beach, especially with a group of friends and a talented photographer like Djuanda to guide you along the way.

The overall with 135mm in group of photographers I found hard to find a sweet spot and the object distracted by some shadow of another photographers and tripods.

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